Dennis Most is a singer, songwriter, producer and arranger of a hybrid of punky-garagy-psychedelic-hard rock with hooks you can remember.

            His love for rock 'n' roll started in his hometown of Fairmount, Indiana, a peaceful community famous worldwide as the home of film icon, James Dean.  It was here that his musical roots started taking shape with Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and then the Beatles on Ed Sullivan.  Later that year (1964) he moved to Massachusetts and in 1969 he started singing in bands.

            In 1972 he formed Punk, a trippy blues garage-rock combo that along with his originals included tunes by Lou Reed, Flamin' Groovies and Alice Cooper amongst others.  Along with the name being a little prophetic, his fav stage attire was ripped-up t-shirts.

            During the mid-70's he continued to define his sound taking his 60's garage pop style and merging it with hard rock in the Thunder Kids, Savage Messiah and Strange Movies.

            In May of 1976 he formed AudioLove.  AudioLove was pure power featuring Most's snarling vocals and aggressive stage show with a driving rhythm section and guitarist extraordinaire, Peter Poulos.  AudioLove preceded the New Wave/punk scene, unnerving club owners and patrons alike.

            Dennis Most and the Instigators was formed in 1979 with his brother, Mark.  It was basically a fun vehicle for the Most brothers, doing classic 60's garage (Blue Magoos, Standells, etc.), sporting hyped-up arrangements with edge and attitude.  Most's first single "Excuse My Spunk" (written by Most and first performed w/AudioLove) b/w "Destructive Love" (written and sung by Mark Most) was released in 1979 and shortly afterward this version of the band ceased to exist.

            In the early 80's after relocating to Los Angeles, Most recorded the DON'T TAKE ME FOR GRANTED! album.  It was intended to show his singer/songwriter side…still a rocker, but one who could also write a good pop song with hooks.

            In 1998 "Excuse My Spunk" turned up on one of the highly thought of Killed by Death series of classic American punk on vinyl.  A resurgence of interest in Most's work started to move into the Internet world of global punk rockers.  In late 2001, the EXCUSE MY SPUNK album appeared in Italy under the Dennis Most and the Instigators non de plume consisting of singles and unreleased studio tracks followed in 2002 by a mini-tour of Italy before crazed Italian rockers, kicking off in Rome.

            2003 brought brand new Instigators recordings with the WIRE MY JAW (EP) with the core band now consisting of Most, a returning Poulos, long time drummer Jeff Roncalli and new member, Keith Grave on bass.  Daxe Rexford serves as the 5th Instigator playing keyboards and some guitar on recordings and creating Most's website.

            Also in 2003 a CD version of WIRE MY JAW with additional early tracks was released followed in 2004 by LIVE AT THE EL CID, DECEMBER 1976, a surprisingly good warts and all recording with 12 tracks from a Dennis Most & AudioLove show with the band at peak form.

            In June 2004 VAMPIRE CITY was unleashed with all new recordings.  The sound is polished, but raw and powerful including an excellent new version of "Excuse My Spunk" and the dramatic title track.

            2006 brings yet another new recording called I'M NOT DEAD YET! with more of his hard rocking punk.  YOU TALKIN' TO ME issues the EXCUSE MY SPUNK album on CD plus 11 bonus tracks all remastered for the best sound yet.  Finally the remastered DON'T TAKE ME FOR GRANTED! album is released on CD with even more unreleased bonus tracks.

            Dennis Most continues to perform and record, so be prepared.  There's still plenty of his music to come.