Dennis Most And The Instigators

  • Excuse My Spunk/Destructive Love (Mark Most) 7" Most Records MP-0001 1979 B side: M. Most, lead vocal

Dennis Most

  • Baby, Come Back (Grant)/Tough Break 7" Plastic Vinyl Records MP-002 1982
  • Don't Take Me For Granted! LP Plastic Vinyl Records MPLP-1000 1985

Side One 1. Don't Take Me For Granted, Janet 2. Fallout Shelter 3. I Get A Kick Out Of You (Cole Porter) 4. Life Can Be A Cruel Gig 5. Innocent Bystander

Side Two 1. Nite Life (What Do You Do, If It's Not For You?) (D. Most/L. Concotilli) 2. You Wear Your Hello Like A Permanent Fixture 3. Happy Together (Bonner/Gordon) 4. Jump In The Sand

Dennis Most And The Instigators

  • Excuse My Spunk (Italy LP) Rave Up Records #19 September 2001

Tracks include 7" & unreleased studio, 1 live from 1976-1983:

Side A 1. Excuse My Spunk 2. Destructive Love (Mark Most) 3. Penetrate 4. Beneath Me Queen 5. Fallout Shelter 6. Don't Take Me For Granted, Janet 7. Tough Break

Side B 1. King Of Sleaze 2. I Hate Mel Torme (Daxe Rexford) 3. Jump In The Sand 4. Sex Is An Art Form 5. ?Widow's Delight 6. Ad-Vice Grip (D. Most/L. Concotilli) 7. Three's A Crowd

  • Various Artists - GUILLOTINED AT THE HANGAR Bacchus Records BA1168 (LP/CD) February 2002

includes 1979 "Excuse My Spunk" 7"; other bands include The Reducers, M-80's, Jack Tragic And The Unfortunates, 8th Route Army, The Outpatients, Electroflex, The Vandelz, The Sterics, Chronic Disorder, October Days, International Q, The Rock Doves, Peer Pressure, The Not Quite, Foreign Objects

  • Various Artists - A COLLECTION OF GREAT DANCE TUNES - VOL 2 (Sweden 7") HDP Records shaw 7.006 March 2002

includes new recording of "Ad-Vice Grip", other bands include The Rockets, Samesugas, Kakaphonia, The Pricks, The Awesome Machine, Duster 69, Hateball, The Shakes

  • Not The Normal Kind CD No Excess Records MP-003 (2002)

Tracks include all new recordings:

1. Excuse My Spunk 2. I Wanna Be Your Dog (Stooges) 3. I Am Your Instrument 4. I Fought The Law/Secret Agent Man/Peter Gunn Theme (S. Curtis/J. Rivers/H.Mancini) 5. Not The Normal Kind 6. Down On The Street (Stooges) 7. Beneath Me Queen 8. Streets Of Laredo (Trad; Arranged by D. Most/J. Casino) 9. Heavy Metal Thunder Child 10. From Home (R. Presley) 11. Pushing Too Hard (S. Saxon) 12. Where Are All The Nice Kids?

  • Various Artists ~ Killed By Death LP REDRUM 18-1 LP 1998 bootleg

includes "Excuse My Spunk" (45) 1979

  • "Wire My Jaw" Bad Attitude Records Badatl-007 Finland 7" EP released March 2003

includes 1. Wire My Jaw 2. Tough Break 3. King Of Sleaze 4. Cleareyed Man

  • "Wire My Jaw" Dionysus/Bacchus Records BA 1186 CD released March 2003

includes 1. Tough Break 2. Cleareyed Man 3. Wire My Jaw 4. Three's A Crowd 5. King Of Sleaze 6. Penetrate 7. Excuse My Spunk 8. Beneath Me Queen 9. Ad-Vice Grip 10. (I Know) Need A Hit Record 11. Gruesome Stories 12. Why Did You Make Me Write This Song? 13. Sex Is An Art Form 14. Don't Take Me For Granted, Janet 15. Fallout Shelter # 1-5 recorded October 2002, all other tracks previously unreleased from 1976 - 1990 All songs by Dennis Most except # 9 by D. Most/ L. Concotilli

  • Various Artists – PLAY IT LOUD! VOL. 1 Trash 2002 T2001-LPCD018 (Germany) released April 2004

includes “Penetrate” & Gruesome Stories” from “Vampire City”, other bands include Rotten Apples, Clefdenker, Derita Sisters, The Negatives, Barseros, Riotears, Red London, Electric Hellclub, Cockroach Candies, The Rebels

  • "Vampire City" Trash2001 Records CD/LP-020-T2001, released June 11, 2004

includes: 1. Penetrate 2. Fallout Shelter 3. Sex is an Art Form 4. (I Know) Need A Hit Record 5. Beneath Me Queen 6. Gruesome Stories 7. Excuse My Spunk 8. Why Did You Make Me Write This Song? 9. Heavy Metal Thunder Child 10. She-Devil 11. Vampire City

Dennis Most and AudioLove

  • "Live At The El Cid, December 1976" Captain Trip Records CTCD-474 (Japan) Released Apr 16, 2004

includes: 1. Beneath Me Queen 2. Lucifer Sam (Barrett) 3. Down On The Street (Stooges) 4. Signed D.C. (Lee) 5. Three's A Crowd 6. Who Are The Brain Police (Zappa) 7. I Fought The Law/Secret Agent Man/Peter Gunn Theme (Curtis/Rivers/Mancini) 8. Excuse My Spunk 9. Cleareyed Man 10. Barracuda (Cobb) 11. Hot Smoke and Sassafras (Prince/Cox) 12. Penetrate

  • Various Artists – “Meet Me In The Time Tunnel Obscure Powerpop From the Land Of The Lost 1978-1985” Wizzard-In-Vinyl WIV – 026CD (Japan) released October 2004

includes “Life Can Be A Cruel Gig” from “Don’t Take Me For Granted!” (1985); other bands include The Reducers, Butch Minds The Baby, Stratford Survivors, The Zips, The Matchheads, The Reactors, The Headaches, The Silencers, Foreign Objects, The Dunderheads, The Triffids, T.V. Neats, The Spliffs, The Shamrock

  • Various Artists – “Power For Passion…file under: power pop 1978-1985”
    Dionysus/Bacchus Records BA 1196 (CD) released January 2005

U.S. version of “Meet Me In The Time Tunnel…” minus 6 tracks, add The Ejectors

All songs written, arranged and produced
by Dennis Most except as noted