Italy Tour
March 2002

Color pictures from show at the Jesse James club in
Teramo, Italy
courtesy of Atomic Barbara.

Dennis with Atomic Barbara & Gene Crazed, Italian punkers

Dennis with Giggino X, John Brobst (peeking through), Gene Crazed
and not so innocent bystander

Dennis Most and the Instigators 2002 plus friends; left to right: Pierpaolo De lulis (owner of Rave Up Records), the kid, John Brobst, Peter Poulos, Giggino X (partly obscured), Gene Crazed, Keith Grave, Jeff Roncalli

Jeff Blood and Dennis punking out! (plus heads of John B & ?)

Keith Grave does his best imitation of Blastmat's bass player

Lynyrd Skynyrd?

The singer lays down

B&W from the Sonica club in Rome courtesy Trish and Jeff Blood

Dennis @ Sonica club in Rome, note Italian
punks Fabio & Lorenzo in lower right corner