July 2011

Hi sports fans...I mean music fans. Just saying hello and telling you what's going on. First of all 75orLess Records just released my 2 LPs that came out in Italy in 2008 on CD. That's it! Now you can get "I'm Not Dead Yet!/Indiana Roadkillarama" on one CD for a very low price. It's available through me or at 75orLessRecords for $7 plus shipping. I'm also label shopping my newest recording called "Instigate Me". Hope to have it out there soon. We are getting airplay in U.S. and Europe with advanced copies.

Finally just out today the Springfield, MA independent paper called the Valley Advocate just did an article on me that you can read online right here.

So keep listening. I'm still here. BTW, I have a Facebook page now despite resisting it for a long time. So make friends with me. I'm sooo lonely...

Cheers! fellow rockers!


August 2010

For those of you that have followed my career at all surely have noticed that members of my band do change every few years or so. It's a very natural thing to me as I understand playing for "Dennis Most" has its limitations and demands (my songs, my style) that prompt members to move on to do other things. Well, that time has rolled around again.

My bass player, Keith Grave, who has played for me since early 2002 has decided to spend more time on his other band, primarily in the studio along with other musical outlets. He's also looking forward not having to drive that 3 hour round trip to practice especially in New England winters. Keith has been an valuable asset from the beginning. Along with being a very good friend he has acted as my A & R rep landing the deals for my releases and also doing the booking for our gigs. Keith will be still somewhat involved as we have just finished a new recording and he will continue to pursue a new label for the release along with his usual promotional efforts. I am very grateful for all of Keith's efforts and he will be missed in his bass playing duties, but not in our friendship as that will continue.

Rob Sarno, my guitarist, has also decided to move on to other projects. As with all my players he has been involved in other bands all along and has decided to focus elsewhere as there is only so much time to be had. Rob joined me almost 2 years ago and has been a powerful force with his dynamic lead playing and truly inspired rhythm playing. Almost all downstroke is not easy to do really tight and Rob is a master. I, too, will miss Rob's presence on stage. Tight, consistant and professional. Thanks, Rob and best wishes on your future endeavors.

With that being said we have been in the studio recording and I am really pleased with the results. It's great to have a powerful polished reminder of the skills of this lineup. Hopefully it will be finished and available late this fall.

Now on to the new guys. Paul Abel (guitar) and Rob Markewicz (bass, backing vocals) have stepped in to continue my sound and Jeff and I welcome them to the Instigators. Both guys are young and energetic, but experienced and professional. Each are clued into the Instigators style and delivery, but will bring their identity into the mix. So in other words you are still stuck with me and what I do. There will be not major changes although I do have intentions to do a wider range of my songs including my more dramatic pieces like "Vampire City". But loud and fast garage punk is what it's about and will continue to be. We have started rehearsing and hope to be doing shows by September. See you then!


January 2010

Hello and Happy New Year!

2009 was an interesting year with me doing more shows than I had in the past few years combined. I hope to continue that trend for many years to come as I'm not done playing my music and everything seems to be still working voice and body-wise. Loud and fast are still the code words.

"Ugly Things" magazine from the U.S. recently gave me a very positive review of my last 2 albums "Indiana Roadkillarama" and "I'm Not Dead Yet! released on Tornado Ride Records (Italy) in their winter 2009 issue. Cool mag! Check it out! I do have some unreleased new recording and hope to do some more recording in the not too distant future.

This website has become sort of an archival site for my more than 40 years of playing garage punk and I appreciate your visits. Just to let you know though I do have a MYSPACE SITE that is about all my current activities including some new recordings(studio & live) to download, pictures and shows plus a blog. After you visit here I hope you'll also stop by there and see what I'm up to you.

My band and I want to thank you for your support and please remember to...PLAY IT LOUD!


July 23, 2009

News... Hey gang! Check out my new MySpace site. Info about upcoming shows, current photos, complete songs from my new and older albums (including sneak preview of unreleased song). Come be my friend (I'm so lonely...ha ha ha).

October 29, 2008

Well, gang after several months of searching I have found a very talented new guitarist. Rob Sarno is an experienced rocker and brings power and great skills to the lineup. We hope to start gigging again soon and we will be going into the studio in December to record 3 songs (2 for a split single with the Chuck Norris Experience). It will be released early next year.

So, I'm back continuing on with my style of mayhem with Keith, Jeff and Rob (and Daxe lurking in the shadows). Welcome to the insanity, Rob! You're a brave man.

August 21, 2008

They're out! Tornado Ride Records from Italy has just released my newest 2 albums simultaneously on glorious vinyl. These are all new recordings not reissues.

Recorded in 2006 "I'M NOT DEAD YET!" had only been released in promo form, so this is the first "official" release. Songs I wrote include "I'm Not Dead Yet!", "I Am Your Instrument", "Balls", "Life Can Be A Cruel Gig", "Jump In The Sand" and "I Hate Being Me, But I'm Glad I'm Not You". My usual reworking of songs I dig include Flamin' Groovies "Teenage Head", Stooges "Down On The Street" and the Pagans "Angela".

"INDIANA ROADKILLARAMA" recorded in 2007 was meant to be a bit of a tribute to my garage punk and psychedelic roots. For those of you that like my early 80's recordings, you'll notice there's a few more uses of organ, reverb and echo delay. Hardly prog-rock though as it's my usual slap you upside the head raw energy. My songs include "Don't Take Me For Granted, Janet", "You Wear Your Hello Like A Permanent Fixture", "Indiana Roadkillarama", "The Geek", "Word Sex". "Where Are All The Nice Kids?" and "Neighbor Bob" (w/Peter Poulos). My interpretations of classics include Syd Barrett's "Lucifer Sam" and Larry Wallis' "Police Car". Finally as bonus tracks are Michael Hurley's "Werewolf" and an outtake from the "WIRE MY JAW" sessions, Count Five's "Psychotic Reaction".

So if you're interested they are both available at and will be available through other outlets in the future.

Punk is alive and well!!


April 29, 2008

Now here's the news... Well, it's been awhile since I've talked to you out there in internet land. Lots of activity on the site lately so I thought I should let you know what's been going on. Biggest news is that Tornado Ride Records out of Italy is releasing both "I'm Not Dead Yet!" and my newest "Indiana Roadkillarama" simultaneously on vinyl this summer. We shot the picture for the covers this last weekend and I'm thrilled with what we have to work with. My good friend, Daxe comes through again in his role as photographer and artist. The lovely Corinne brings an air of feminine exotica to the cover of "Indiana Roadkillarama" albeit (as you will see) in a most unusual way. All-in-all I'm very excited about the releases and you vinyl fans will be pleased I'm sure. There's also a live video of the song "I'm Not Dead Yet!" scheduled for release late this year on a British DVD comp, but I'll talk more about that when it happens. Incidentally if you go here you can find a live video of me performing with my band AudioLove, the Troggs classic "I Can't Control Myself". It's from a 1976 performance. Well, to wrap it up for now is the news that Peter Poulos, my guitarist for the last 6 years, has left the band to pursure other interests. Not to despair though as I will continue to do what I've have been doing for almost 40 years now. That is play high energy proto-punk, garage punk, punk punk, rock 'n' roll or however you want to try to label me the way I have always done. I will go on forever, either because I'm too stupid or too stubborn to quit. You make the call. Talk to later, my friends... Dennis