Shredding Radio 04/05

Dude, these guys look like BTO all done up Jersey style with handlebar moustaches and feathered hair. So I was kind of expecting a “Taking Care of Business” type sound but what we get here is a total garage punk indication of what the MC5 would sound like if members of Hawkwind were to plow through. Loud and fast and real simple but rocking enough to show everyone down at the drag strip what a true manly man you are…or could be. Dennis’ voice is a psychedelic snotty rechord that chimes well with the chunky riffs and tinny drums pounding in a Ramones slog through. In a sense, this is true rock and roll. Basic, ugly, fun and totally necessary in its working class disposition and jaunting roots from whence Sabbath and The Stooges all arose from. I also liked the sleazy aspect of The Instigators, which will scare all of the teenage girls in the crowd because of their tight trousers and armadillos. Otherwise, bellbottoms and mullets are optional… Whittaker

X2RR - 01/04

Tough, back alley, brass knuckle wearing, sleazy & greazy rock n' roll. Car salesman (just a guess) turned rock all star, Dennis Most lets wind fly from his pipe with a ferocity unequaled in modern times. Don't expect an apology or an after conjugal snuggle, Dennis is about the most upfront sleaze baron of his time, and the times they were a changin', but this record was compiled over the last several years.. His cohorts take a timeout from shakin' down the neighborhood to rock the fuck out. Maybe you should too!

The Big Takeover Issue #53

by Bryan Swirsky:

"Indana's own Dennis Most has been slogging it in the trenches for nearly 30 years in relative obscurity, until now. Most is a true American proto-punk who - with his bands, AudioLove and The Instigators - specializes in a meaty, beaty psychedelic-garage-punk mteal hybrid that fits neatly in that Blue Oyster Cult/Stooges/Dictators realm. Unfortunately, some of the material sounds hopelessly dated and the obvious sentiments behind the songs, "Excuse My Spunk" and "Beneath Me Queen" are a little much to take. Nevertheless, there are some true gems worth unearthing, especially the first 5 songs, which were recorded in 2002."

Ink19 Webzine 9/03

This is a rugged gem of early American punk with a hard-rock/metal influence that includes zany leads ("Cleareyed Man"). No, scratch that, this is a new recording of a band that made metallic proto-punk in the late '70s. No, actually it is both. You can compare for yourself, because the first five tracks are loud, bombastic new recordings and the next ten are from various studio sessions 1983-1990. The sound here is much thinner than the first part, but the attitude and punk-rock-looking-back-to-hard-rock style remains consistent in these Most projects. (3.5)

Peter Don't Care 9/03

Despite the vintage era cover photos and those ridiculous moustouces, this late 70's American version of the Instigators is one of those albums that you'd expect to laugh outta the scene before you could say "prog rock". But here at Nihilism On The Prowl! I like to think we don't judge an album by it's cover. The recently recorded (2002) 'Wire My Jaw' session gets things off to a very good start and comes with a clean bright production. This album is dominated by power chord guitar workouts courtesy of Peter Poulos. He's a guitarist who over the years has thankfully shortened his over the top twiddling solo's in favour of more power which proves a big attraction. But this baby definitely belongs to chief instigator Dennis Most, who resembles a slimmer version of Hank outta Turbo Negro but comes at us with a slightly snotty Indiana nasal croon. The first 5 tracks from the latest incarnation of the band was the best on show. Songs like the energetic 'Tough Break' , the atmospheric 'Cleareyed Man' or the riffing monster of 'Three's A Crowd' were good. But it was the album title track the cocky 'Wire My Jaw' which shows this bunch of middle aged vets have still got a load more to grit to offer today's scene. Dennis Most is amongst other things chief songwriter, arranger and producer for most of the way. He maybe known to a few Americans amongst us as being in Audio Love who were kicking up a minor mess back in '76. And from that period we get a couple of live Audio Love songs, which suffer from way too much prog rock preening for my liking especially on 'Penetrate' that had echoes of the Stooges but without the Ig snarl. However their driving 'Excuse My Spunk' track reminds me of a Black Sabbath/Dead Boys crossover, which was a good. Maybe that's why it's a collectors item in underground punk circles? The album loses it's early appeal during the middle slump before finally picking up again on 'Gruesome Stories'. A track where Mr Most's atmospheric workouts carry this gruesome track along. He's even got a Jim Morrison baritone on his vocal as it's chuggs on into the early 80's. By 1994 the band sound their most snottiest on the funny but ultra catchy 'Sex Is An Art form'. Bu the screwy 'Don't Take Me For Granted Janet' song has gotta be one of the most corniest song titles I've ever's fuckin hilarious! They end on high with the buzzsaw but poppy 'Fallout Shelter' which owns a classic punk rock riff, complete with catchy vocals. The whole package comes with band sleeve notes by Dennis himself. WORTH A LISTEN for the recent tracks

Deadbeat 'Zine

dennis most & the instigators - wire my jaw

Holy mother of God! How the fuck is it that I’ve lived my entire life (well, thus far) denied the pleasure of ever hearing the music of Dennis Most? If you are in the same boat as me, in brief, he formed a band called Audiolove in ’76, which lasted less than a year. That was followed with a band called Dennis Most & The Instigators in ’78. They released a single the next year, “Excuse My Spunk,” which apparently is one of those classic KBD-style rarities. Since then, there have been several carnations of the band.

Well, this CD compiles all kinds of various unreleased material spanning over 25 years, including five newly recorded tracks with original Audiolove guitarist, Peter Poulos. Also included are two live Audiolove tracks that were recorded back in ’76, which happen to be my two favorites on the album. I love the bass on those songs.

Dennis’s voice reminds me of a cross between HR of Bad Brains and Joey Ramone on certain songs, especially the new stuff. “Beneath Me Queen” actually reminds me a bit of the Buzzcocks. Nice blend of vintage garage and punk, with rock and psyche sensibilities. Crazy solos all over the place. Definitely withstood the test of time. I like!

Ear Candy 5/03

dennis most & the instigators - wire my jaw

Somewhere between Judas Priest and The Dead Boys is where I would file this 15 song garage / punk / metal cd. Remember when you were in high school and some long haired hard rock band came to play your prom. Not only did they hit on your girl but they tested the sheer sonic intensity of every piece of amplification equipment they owned on your tender young eardrums. Well, the Instigators would have scared the hell out of those guys.

Trash Compactor

dennis most & the instigators - wire my jaw

"Yeah, yeah, we're not kids anymore, but we still like to play loud and fast. We will continue to play loud and fast until the end because we always played loud and fast and why should we ever change?" Well, Dennis, I for one hope that you will never change! Dennis Most is around since the early 70's and to this day he has never stopped to write, record and perform his very own brand of punkrock with a metal edge and never ever gave a shit about trends or fluctuating interest in his music. "Wire My Jaw" kicks off with 5 brand-new recordings and while they are a bit too metal-sounding for my taste they certainly don't fail to entertain. great mid-tempo punk rock stuff. Songs #6 and #7 throw you back to the year 1976 with two proto-punk-at-its-frickin-best smashers from Dennis' earlier band AudioLove. Anyone interested in the birth of punkrock should check this out. Amazing shit! Anyway, this CD is a worthy companion to the Rave-Up album so buy both!