Raw and Wild 'Zine 07/05

Ecclettico artist American this Dennis Most, composer of musics, witnesses and producer of this small bizzarro capolavoro with strongest infuences garage, punk and psychedelic speed metal.

I do not know if to say unfortunately or fortunately, but the recording is not just of the best ones, perhaps but it is just this the thing that have fascinated to me maggiuormente and a lot probably a professional recording not srebbe be adapted to the suond proposed.

Truly a pioneer of the rock' n' roll, its musical formation drift from artists like Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and to case is not been born in that famous citizen of Indiana where James Dean has turned the famous film...

Assets from 1972, today propose us a collection of its better brani, completely riarrangiati, that they space from the rockabilly to the punk from the garage to the peed metal.

Truly exceptional, a product with a fascination all its, sure only for connoisseurs of the sort, not advised to children but only to matusa loving of the genuine products.

You council to contact it, is a myth.

Vilegeneration Webzine 9/03

Here's a CD I like. Weird mix of metal and rock n roll it's a very tunefull redneck nightmare. Covers include two stooges tracks and origenal songs all as scary as you want with titles like Excuse My Spunk and Where Are All The Nice Kids? This CD is both super dark and also really fun like the Misfits or theCramps. Highly reconmended especially if you are in the process of making a suit from women.

100 Punks 'zine 9/03

Garage rock sound, good energy, definitely interesting - Overall, their original stuff is garage rock sounding w/ a twinge of new wave & heavy metal good energy & well produced. An overall interesting and eclectic mix of originals and covers.

Cosmik Debris Online Magazine 03/03

DENNIS MOST & THE INSTIGATORS "Not The Normal Kind" (No Excess Records)

Reviewed by Alan Wright

Dennis Most is a singer from Indiana, probably best known for his 1979 "Excuse My Spunk" single, later featured on volume 18 of the "Killed By Death" series. Last year, Rave Up Records out of Italy released an LP of vintage tracks recorded between 1976 and 1983, which led to a brief tour of Italy by his latest incarnation of the Instigators. Recently, Dennis released this CD of new recordings that find him still mining the same hybrid of garage/punk/metal rock 'n' roll. A new version of "Excuse My Spunk" starts things off, and then there's a version of "I Wanna Be Your Dog," the first of two Stooges covers (the other being "Down In The Street"). I really dig this slow, menacing version of the Stooges tune that utilizes double-tracked lead vocals, with Dennis singing in different registers on each. It makes for a very cool effect. Dennis' love of '60s garage punk is evident as he also covers the Bobby Fuller Four, Johnny Rivers, the Seeds and the Troggs. Musically, this is some real kick ass stuff here. The guitars are loud, heavy and the speed metal/hardcore punk influence is in full-force, with guitarist Peter Poulos - also of the Foreign Objects - whipping out lots of fuzz-wah and speedy solos here and there. One of the most interesting tunes is his reworking of the traditional American folk song "Streets of Loredo," here turned into a slow, menacing dirge and sung in such a low register that it sounds like Joy Division's Ian Curtis singing with early Black Sabbath!

Dennis also sent along a five-song CDR of new stuff that really shreds, recorded recently with Keith Grave of Dispossed/Sanity Assassins fame on bass and in fact I think the overall production and sound is better than the Not The Normal Kind CD, so his next full-length offering should be rockin' indeed!

Ear Candy Magazine 01/03

Dennis Most and the Instigators / Not The Normal Kind "Attitude! Attitude! Attitude!" "Take a listen to a carefully nurtured vision of music that not only beckons to the anger of great rock 'n' roll but remembers when rock 'n' roll was fun!" That's quite a bold statement to make in the liner notes of your cd but for the most part Mr. Most and his Instigators live up to it. Covering two classic Stooges tunes "I Wanna Be Your Dog" and "Down On The Streets", one by the Seeds "Pushin' Too Hard" and a medley of "I Fought The Law", "Secret Agent Man" and the theme from "Peter Gunn". One half covers - one half original, with the raw throbbing "Excuse My Spunk" being the highlight of the original half. This guy certainly has his heart in the right place. (James Richard Oliver)

RATING: 2 reddi-whip cans. 09/02

DENNIS MOST AND THE INSTIGATORS bring us Not The Normal Kind. Speed rockin' fun! With originals from D. Most and great covers of Iggy and various others. This fun Punking fella's band rocks in not a normal way, but a wild, howling way!