Various – ‘Meet Me in the Time Tunnel: Obscure Powerpop From the Land of the Lost (1978-1985)’ (Wizard in Vinyl)

If you’re wondering what sort of stuff we’re talking about, some of the bands on here are kind of the regional versions of stuff like The Romantics, Tommy Tune, The Cars, and The Knack. Some of it is more or less punk rock, some of it’s closer to new wave. But even the poppier bands on this compilation are still pretty raw – sloppy drumming, budget production and all. This does for the eighties what ‘Nuggets’ and ‘Pebbles’ did for the sixties, digging up some cool regional bands that otherwise would be unknown to the world at large. Most of the tracks on here were self released at one time or another, but there are also a few unreleased tunes. Dennis Most is the only artist on here I know, and his song “Life is a Cruel Gig” is an expected highlight. But I also liked The Silencers “Girlfriends Boyfriends”, the slow, jam heavy “You Go Home” by The Foreign Objects, the upbeat new wave of “Take Me Down” by The Zips, the B-movie inspired “Tribute to Dela Lagosi” by The Dunderheads, and the moody pop of The Spliff’s “You’ll Know What They’ll Say”. With the rise of indie labels in the nineties, you have to wonder if this isn’t the last decade that can be mined for rare gems like this. Highly recommended for all you musical archeologists out there. (Bob Ignizio)

Carbon 14 #25 review of "Wire My Jaw" 7" EP

Four cuts of The standout track is the Agent Orangeish "Bloodstains" riff'd, title song. It just locks into the beat and doesn't let up. I also liked the power paced "Cleareyed Man" which dishes up plenty of menance and psychodrama. This guy has been getting a rep and making a lot of noise for himself in Europe lately. I can see why.

Jeff Dahl

Back Again - Das unabhängige Musikmagazin 06/04

Dennis Most started his musical career back in 1969 and formed a band called Punk in 1972! Through the 70s he played in various other bands and finally formed DENNIS MOST AND THE INSTIGATORS in 1979, released a couple of records and was re-discovered as a Garage-Rock-Punk-Metal-whatever-you-like-to-call-it-Original in our new Millennium. The band is still active and released this 7“ last year on Bad Attitude Records. The new album „Vampire City“ and a Live-album are coming this year and be sure, they will R O C K!!!

The four tracks on this 7“ are fucking great ramonesque-misfitish-crampish-60s-Garage-Rock songs with a lot of classic Rock´n´Roll influences. What else can one exspect from a musician, who comes from the same hometown like James Dean?

Even, if you are a Punk-Rocker or an open-minded Death-Rocker or simply like powerful Rock´n´Roll, you are right here! I really would love to see DENNIS MOST AND THE INSTIGATORS live on stage, I am sure, they are fantastic! (A.P.)

No Brains 'Zine 07/03

dennis most & the instigators - wire my jaw

Here is new 7" by US metallic punk - Dennis Most And The Instigators. It's not really stuff that I like, but it's not that I don't like it. It's weird mix of 77 punk (Damned), heavy metal, glam rock, but also bands like Cult. Sounds pretty powerful. Shit, I really don't know what to write here - hahaha. If the whole idea sounds good to you, try it - maybe you'll like it.


What We Do Is Secret by Henry Yu

Not Ralph Malph's Bro

Bad Attitude Records outta Finland does up a 4-song 7" EP for DENNIS MOST AND THE INSTIGATORS called "Wire My Jaw". Recorded late last year, this shows Dennis in fine form. The title track chugs heavy metal. Desperately ironic vocals. "Tough Break", a song from the KBD era is updated 2k style with a sputtering guitar break that is indeed tough. Keith Grave on Bass. Don't buy this because Dennis is some old guy that needs the money. Buy it because it burns. Cool cover art too.

Daredevil Online Magazine

Dennis Most And The Instigators-Wire My Jaw Demo CD

Seems that 2003 will be the year of Punk. "Wire My Jaw" is a nice piece of plastic to listen to. Good and original ideas mixed with power and feelings. Good work and I´m looking forward to their full length.

Poppunk Online Webzine


From the roots of early rock-n-roll influences comes a man loaded in experience in the music arena. This seems to be the resurrection of quality rock-n-roll material. I enjoyed the quick, almost untouchable licks on this CD and the vocals almost had a surreal psychobilly way about them. I found the style to be close to TSOL but with more of an emphasis on the no-nonsense roughneck approach. The tracks here could provide a great backdrop for bottles smashing and fists flying. Good roadhouse stuff.

Garbage Dump Webzine


Yes, this is the same band who played the stages of 1979, guilty of that bomb that's their single "Excuse my Spunk/ Destructive Love" and yes, you can get their best of Lp from RAVE UP here in Italy. Anyway, this promotional 5 songs are real good and catchy punk rock with old fashioned hooks and modern production, they remind me a bit of the STOOGES and there's a part in "Cleareyed Man" where they seem IRON MAIDEN Paul Di Anno era, which is a true compliment by me... probably not for the band, but anyway I really enjoyed these songs and hope they will end up on a true release sooner or later. Dennis Most has a very appealing vocal style that sometimes reminds me of Falling James and now I don't have to say more to let you know to keep eyes wide open on their future ongoings