Raw and Wild 'Zine

The rock’n’roll it is not only told with Elvis, Animals, Rolling Stone or Buddy Holly, but also with personages wrapped in the fascination dell’underground, the whose jobs, for how much unavailable, become of the rarities of enormous importance. E’ the case of this Dennis Most and its Audiolove, best known under moniker the Instigators. The band it moves its passes far away from 1976, proposing one mixture of old punk and music rock of the ’50, set offing towards riffs metal still on the latent stage.

It must also already say that Dennis Most muoveva on the scenes from the ’72 with the Punks, nearly a premonizione, with which it played roba type Stooges, Alice Cooper and Lou Reed.

With the Audiolove it is breathed un’ atmosphere a lot a’ the Motorhead, not sure riferibile to the live live all’Hammersmith that it is a insuperato example of crudeness, but this small live to the Cid, a bar in the Massachussets, becomes theatre of one monolitica and aggressive sonorous power. Much Sabbathiani and impennate hard rock with pieces is divided to us between some riffs which “I fought the law” of S. Curtis.

The quality of the live is much good one, in this way can be tasted the power of music of a band that in its small it has left the sign.

For inveterati collectors of rarity and jewels primiti to you.

Outsight 05/05

Compiler Keith Grave is responsible for the excellent proto-punk compilations in the "Shielded By Death" (Bacchus Archives) series. Now the Dennis Most And The Instigators bassist takes us back to Dennis Most & Audiolove live in the Captain Trip release, "Live at the El Cid, December 1976." "The El Cid" is not that as redundant as "Mr. Mister." Well, instead of pop rock choruses of Catholic Mass acclamations, you get here rough and ready recordings of Most and company tearing it up with covers of early Pink Floyd ("Lucifer Sam"), The Stooges ("Down on the Street") and Mothers of Invention ("Who are the Brain Police?"). This is a fierce moment when angry garage rock was making the apotheosis into ugly punk

Terrascope 04/05

(note: there are some factual inconsistencies in this review of Vampire City and Audiolove live at the El Cid..there is no "Mr. Love" and Dennis does not play guitar)

Dennis Most, a stalwart of the U.S garage/punk scene, provides more guitar-trashing fun on two recently re-issued albums. First up is Dennis Most And The Instigators-‘vampire city’ (Trash 2001 Records that collects together 11 killer tracks recorded between 1979 and 1983. Definitely more 70’s punk than 60’s garage, the band kick up a storm of epic proportions, every song providing a short sharp adrenaline rush of punk energy. Standout tracks include legendary single ‘Penetrate’ and ‘Beneath Me Queen’ which will have you pogoing around the living room with its stooges- like intensity. Also available is Dennis Most And Audiolove- ‘Live At The El Cid, December 1976. (Captain Trip Records Recorded primarily for the bands personal use, the recording has the quality of a good bootleg and it takes a while for a good balance to be achieved. This does not detract from the energy displayed by the band however, as they rip through a mixture of self-penned material and some tasty covers including ‘Signed D.C, ‘Who Are The Brain Police?’ , ‘I Fought The Law’ and, bizarrely , ‘Lucifer Sam’. Throughout both albums Mr Love proves himself a more than capable guitarist whilst the bands provide a solid foundation for the songs. Music to drink beer to, and lots of it.

Shindig Magazine 03/05

This set has been put out on the Japanese Captain Trip label and the insert comes with dual English/Japanese liner notes. The music has been licensed directly from Dennis Most and is an excellent example of a point in time. The El Cid is/was a restaurant/bar in Ludlow, Massachusetts. This seems to be a very good quality soundboard recording of a great piece of r'n'r. Remember this is the fag end of '76, just as punk was about to go national/international. The set you have here is what those bar bands who were not hip insiders but who had the taste to play carefully selected covers sounded like. American bands like this without changing a hair pretty soon changed audiences completely. Most recalls this occasion as a challenge the lame bar blues fare the small audience were used to. And you can hear why. Together with a clutch of originals, their immaculate choice of covers for late '76 speaks volumes Barrett's 'Lucifer Sam', The Stooges 'Down On The Street', Arthur Lee's 'Signed DC', The Standells 'Barracuda' and even a 1.52 version of 'Hot Smoke and Sassafras'. These are the kind of long-hairs that knew their music and knew their strengths. Great, strong throat shredding vocals and a kick-ass guitar player who could extemporise ad infinitum. A great set of period r'n'r, but also a snapshot of a moment pregnant with the musical promise of sub-cultural change. Strongly recommended. -Paul Martin

Punk Planet 03-04/05

For those interested in cheesy early punk, this recently discovered live recording of AudioLove is a real gem. Pink Floyd covers were never cool, not even in 1976, but most of the rest of this CD will be of interest to your average classic punk aficionado.

Razorcake Issue #23, 12/04-01/05

A live set from a proto-punk band who, if they weren’t from Detroit, should’ve been. KBD geeks will be all over this like ugly on a gorilla.

-Jimmy Alvarado

Utter Trash 01/05

Indiana’s Dennis Most has been cranking out his brand of hard rocking garagey punk metal since 1972. However, despite all the years under his belt, he hasn’t really released much up til now. Just four singles, a 2 vinyl LPs, two CDs, and a few compilation tracks here and there. Most’s 1979 single “Excuse My Spunk”, recently introduced to a new generation of fans via its appearance on a 1998 ‘Killed By Death’ compilation LP, is probably his main claim to fame. But as the material on these two recently issued discs shows, there’s more to Dennis Most than one song. Yeah, “Excuse My Spunk” shows up on both these discs, but the rest of the material is just as strong. It definitely has that feel of early punk, before the rule book became written in stone. Most’s vocals at times remind me David Thomas, Roky Erikson and Richard Hell. Aside from Most, only guitarist Peter Poulos appears on both discs, and his excellent guitar work is a major component of the Dennis Most sound. ‘Vampire City’ is all Most originals, some of which have been recorded before, some of which I’m guessing are new. The live CD is a true live recording with no overdubs or studio fixes. The performance is high energy, the sound quality is pretty good, and it features some interesting covers by bands like The Stooges, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, and Love. If you like Detroit, Cleveland, and NY punk bands of the late sixties/early seventies, it’s a safe bet you’ll dig these two discs as well.

WilRecords Webzine 12/04

Sometimes one receives odd things like this concert recorded in 1976 in a small club of Massachusetts. This precursory group is a enigma for me but I take serious my foot and even if recoveries badly are not found one has the impression that these titles are written for them. A monumental resumption of Syd Barrett "Lucifer Sam" which I listen to in loop... A title of Stooges "Down one the Street" which balances you the gouache in the mug. One of the references principal of Dennis and one especially realizes of it with the listening of "Excuse My Spunk" the title the important plsu of Audiolove and which has at the time most hard-bound. One finds also a song of Zappa with "Who are the Brain Police? "which groove like a good MC5 in fact! If you is still all right then it is a mixed version and well garage of "I fought the law" which arrives... There are well on step badly other superb signed songs Dennis Most, a very large singer supplemented by rhythmic of insane and a fabulous guitarist. Dennis Most makes party of these monsters of the rock' roll of the Seventies which influenced the wave of the first groups of punk and hardcore... This disc I keep it for me!!!

EarCandy Webzine 06/04

Punk / Speed Metal recorded 27 years ago. Imagine early Alice Cooper meets Iggy Pop. Dennis and his cohorts give it everything they have plus a little more on these twelve tracks which include covers of Syd Barrett, the Stooges, one by Arthur Lee & Love, Frank Zappa, the Standells, Bubble Puppy and a medley of “I Fought The Law / Secret Agent Man / Peter Gunn Theme. Most has five originals here including the classic “Excuse My Spunk”. I spoke with Dennis about where to find “Live At El Cid” here in the states and he said it’s available through his website. Aggressive rock n’ roll with tons of attitude.

Lowcut Magazine 06/04

Wow! This is beyound obscure. I've never heard of Dennis and this live recording (with atrocious drum sound in several tracks) from some restaurant/bar in Ludlow, Massachusetts, with like 20 people who's trying to eat, probably ain't the best introduction, haha. It's proto-punk mixed with hardrock and not bad at all, Detroit meets New York? They do covers of very different artists like Syd Barret, Standells, Frank Zappa, Love and Stooges, but it works! The Japanese label Captain Trip got a lotta nerve putting this out, but I'm sorta glad they did. If you wanna impress your know-it-all r'n'r friends this might just be the ticket.